Things You Should Know About Canada PR

Canada is among the top choices for Indian citizens as they look to abroad countries for their immigration. Education, work, and business opportunities are the major goals for candidates as they look to explore the ways to get permanent residency in Canada. As one of the leading Canada PR Consultant in Bangalore, Through this article, avail step by step guidance for Indian citizens to apply and get approval from the government authorities. Proficient visas and immigrant experts provide the right legal help and evaluation of each process for effective preparations. Here are some important things one should know about Canada’s Permanent residency in General.

Canada Permanent Residency is among the most favourite for Indian citizens based on their skills.
Mostly this Visa is for 5 years of duration that gives foreigners access to work and study in the country.
After 3 years of successful completion on their PR cards, then individuals can seek Canada citizenship to complement their stay in the country with numerous benefits.

There are a number of documents required that help you to prepare for Canada PR efficiently. Age proof with Passport copy or any Date of the Birth Certificate, Education with degree, diploma or certificate along with consolidated mark sheets, Work experience with joining letter and references, language proficiency(IELTS/TOEFL scoresheet), Good character certificate (police clearance preferably), and more depending on the individual profile for the immigration process.

Canada Authorities check individuals based on a specific point system. If the candidates can score more than 67 points out of 100 than their chances are high for getting approval from the authorities. There are specific points given based on the individual performance on the selected capabilities.

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This point system includes Age (12 points), Education (25 points), Work Experience (Max 15 points), Language Skills (28 points), Adaptability (10 Points) and arranged Employment (10 points) respectively.
There are different provisions for applying for Canada PR that include Canada Express Entry, Provincial Nominee Programs, Quebec Skilled Worker Visa and more.

General charges from the Canada authorities include 1040 Canadian dollars for an applicant with 18 and above years charged at the later stages. In early assessment, it is 285 Dollars Canadian Dollars per applicant.
Although there are no official timelines for getting approval for Canada PR from the concerned authorities, still it takes around 4 to 6 months from getting your invitation to apply(ITA) from the authorities. For the complete process, candidates are given around 6 to 10 months for their approval process.

There are a number of benefits associated with Canada PR that includes 5-year multiple entry visa, family status in the applicant visa, free education for children along with health and social provisions for the complete family, opportunities to invest in the country and access to the US for enjoying the neighbouring country.

Spouse or legal partners can accompany individuals and no separate application is necessary. Children under the age of 22 years are considered within your profile only. Even the differently-abled or mentally unstable can also come under your dependant. As an individual, you can sponsor and call your parents and Grandparents after only a considerable stay in the country. You have to prove the authorities with finances that you can take care of them while their stay in the country. While family members can also try to make their living sustainable by working on skilled opportunities.

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